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Make informed choices today for a healthier tomorrow.

Genetrack is an international biotechnology company specializing in DNA identity and medical testing services. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the scientific community by leveraging the latest and most advanced biomedical developments.

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Beware of Brokers!
Genetrack is an AABB, CAP, SCC and ISO 17025 accredited DNA testing laboratory. For your peace of mind and to ensure the highest quality of service, always verify the accreditation of a laboratory before proceeding with any DNA testing services. You can click here to view the complete list of all AABB accredited labs. If the laboratory is not in this list, they are NOT accredited.


At Genetrack, our goal is to deliver the highest quality DNA testing services to our clients, both locally and internationally. To accomplish this, we:

  • Use the latest and most reliable equipment and methods to process and analyze DNA for our clients.
  • Incorporate the latest technologies in the medical and scientific fields for the benefit of our clients.
  • Provide outstanding service and support to our clients in Indonesia, going above and beyond to meet and exceed their expectations. Regardless of where our clients are located, we strive to make the testing process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our Vision

The ongoing developments in biotechnology, and specifically in molecular biology, allow applications of DNA testing to expand rapidly to encompass many investigative tests to resolve family issues that concern much of our population. Such tests include paternity testing, maternity testing, sibling testing, grandparentage testing, aunt/uncle testing, twin testing, forensic testing, genealogy testing, among others.

As we move into this exciting new phase of molecular diagnostics, we believe it’s important for families to have the option to entrust their important tests to a world-class, highly recognized laboratory. Genetrack is committed to providing the highest quality DNA testing services, helping you make informed decisions today for a better tomorrow.

Our Accreditations

Our excellence in quality control has earned us a wide range of accreditations, including AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO17025, making us one of the few laboratories in the world to receive all major internationally recognized and prestigious DNA laboratory accreditations.

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Discover Your Unique DNA Story with Genetrack

Why Choose Genetrack

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Simple Sample Collection

Our buccal (mouth) swabs are easy-to-use, painless, and safe for individuals of all ages, including infants, children, and adults.

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Accredited Laboratory
In addition to CAP, AABB, SCC, and ISO17025, we are also a CLIA-certified high complexity laboratory. This means we adhere to stringent standards that regulate the quality of work performed by a laboratory.
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High-Quality Testing

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with the latest technology. All of our tests use fully automated sequencing and genotyping, which are run twice to ensure accuracy.

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Informative Reports

Our DNA testing services include an in-depth analysis explaining what the results mean and how they can impact your lifestyle.

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Secure Digital Platform
Monitor the status of your test 24/7 in your password-protected account, and download your results as soon as they become available.
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100% Confidentiality

We take the privacy and confidentiality of our clients very seriously. All client information is securely stored and never shared with unauthorized parties.

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